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Corina: former Accademia di Belle Arti student, current illustration major at CSUN and super awesome nerd who draws dumb things.
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My dorky weatherman ♥

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Dorky comic for the biggest dork in our family.

Got super rusty over spring break.

Since I posted about the upcoming post it show, GUESS WHO’S WATCHING THE BEST FILLER EPISODE OF OP???

Working on stuff for the post it show! Trying to get the stupid ideas out first *^*

Long drawing from yesterday, had a bit of fun with purikuri apps. Ahhh, next time I might want to go with something softer and darker than prismacolors.

Plenty of things to be happy about, I can now add “danced awkwardly to Krewella” on my resume :)

look at this proud sobbing dork papa

[Accompanying Audio]

Super cool model from Thursday.

ugh, come back I want to paint you

I’m pretty sure she knows I’m drawing her now

3.18: Fired up and ready to work!!! …..then she left halfway into class.

3.20: She’s been asking the same question for 3 weeks now…..

robohaven asked: oh god oh god oh god good luck to you, bb! ;A; may your crit go well with dreamworks!

If my portfolio makes the cut! *^* If not I’ll gladly be a spectator again.